Home Again St. Johns, also referred to as “Home Again”, is a small nonprofit organization doing great things in St. Johns County. Our  mission is to coordinate a multitude of providers, governments, individuals, and community and faith-based organizations to streamline efforts to alleviate the homeless challenges we have in St. Johns County.  One big step in that direction will be funding construction of an United Service Center where the homeless can receive housing, food and assistance and the services of multiple agencies dedicated to getting them back on their feet and reintegrated into society.

Home Again receives generous support from the local community, both through direct financial as well as in-kind donations.  This support has allowed our organization to perform a community coordination role, and to also serve community-provided meals to upwards of 100 people each evening in a downtown St. Augustine location.

Developing relationships like this with businesses, government, nonprofit agencies, churches, civic groups and the general public is the most critical aspect of Home Again’s unending efforts to ease the plight of the homeless in St. Johns County. 

So, please … Get Involved … Show Your Support … And Be A Part Of The Solution!

Together … We can make great things happen and help those less fortunate in our community. Thank you for your interest in Home Again St. Johns!