Home Again St. Johns (also referred to as “Home Again”) is a non-profit organization working in a multi-agency coordinated system to alleviate homelessness in St. Johns County by actively engaging homeless individuals in implementing their own return to self-sufficiency.

Home Again’s mission is to promote, foster and support a collaborative approach among social service and governmental agencies, community groups, faith-based organizations and dedicated private citizens for resolving issues related to homelessness in St. Johns County compassionately, effectively and efficiently.

The organization’s comprehensive continuum of care offers continuous services, aiding the chronically homeless to their transition back into independent living. We empower our clients to address the issues which led them to homelessness and provide the tools necessary to achieve lasting independence.

The Vision of Home Again St. Johns is to build a one stop location housing multiple agencies to provide coordinated homeless services.

St. Johns County Continuum of Care Community Needs:

  • More shelter beds and affordable housing
  • Coordination among agencies serving the same people
  • Homeless One Stop Center
  • Street Outreach Services
  • To adjust public ordinances supporting a multi-agency system of care

The Core Values of Home Again St. Johns

Quality of Life

Fiscal Responsibility





Safety & Security

Local Focus